The 7 Manifestations For Creating A Millionaire Life Style –Via Real Estate Guru Robert Allen

Published: 13th July 2007
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I read all the time -I read online, I read newspaper and magazine articles, and I read an hour or so each night before going to bed. Needless to say because of this I am always finding all kinds of interesting forms of information and thought provoking ideas or theories that I like to pass on to my readers. When I came across Robert Allen's latest book entitled The One Minute Millionaire I couldn't help but be intrigued. I have personal knowledge of his success in the field of Real Estate and in utilizing what he calls Multiple Streams of Income -commonly referred to as an MSI in order to launch ones self into the Millionaires Circle by becoming financially independent and prosperous. This guy really knows his stuff. He is on the New York Times Best Sellers list every time he writes a book and he has been showing people how to succeed themselves for decades.

The pleasant surprise for me was that I didn't get what I was expecting in this book. First of all Robert Co-Authored the book with Mark Victor Hansen the other half to the successful books in the Chicken Soup For The Soul series...and this had a very unique format in that is reads as two separate stories in one. The odd numbered pages tell the story of a single mother named Michelle who finds herself in a court battle over the custody of her two children with her former mother and father-in-law after the unexpected death of her husband in an auto accident. The even numbered pages are used to enlighten and encourage readers to learn how to systemize a process of wealth building techniques and strategies in order to become Millionaires. It is in this section of the book that the Seven Manifestations For Creating A Millionaire Life Style can be found merged through out the nearly 400 pages that tell the story of Michelle's struggle to win back her children and gain control of her life via a Millionaire Mentor and her own courage and fortitude to change her life.

I was so captivated by Mr. Allen and Mr. Hansen's manifesting ideas that I have written them down and read them daily as a part of realizing my own intentions for the future. The mindset, faith and philosophy behind these 7 desires are as refreshing as the messages in the manifestations themselves. If you have seen the movie The Secret then you will understand in a greater capacity what feelings and thoughts can do to create more wealth and prosperity in our lives. Robert and Victor seem to have this down to a tee and the aim -or goal if you will, is quite simple...they both believe that anyone who fallows a system or process to accumulate wealth by working with 6 key forms of leverage can become a millionaire. The factors involved are as follows:

1.) Mentors

2.) Teams

3.) Networks

4.) Infinite Networks (the Spiritual Stuff)

5.) Tools and Skills

6.) Systems

Then the 7 Manifestations -which are -

1.) "I am Enough"

2.) "I am a Money Magnet"

3.) "I attract my Dream Team"

4.) "I attract Millionaire Mentors"

5.) "I am a Millionaire"

6.) "I am a Giver"

7.) "I attract Multiple Sources of Income"

Couple these two philosophies together...and you will win at the Wealth and Prosperity game! The mantras that are given to express each one of these intentions are really insightful and are said in the present tense -which as indicated in a few of the headings for the manifestations -allows the energy that is sent out in thought and feeling to be perceived as if you were already where you want to be -which is said to promote the ability to attain ones dreams much more quickly and orderly. Now if you are looking for a simpler way to get where you want to be in life these ideas and intentions could be a great place to start. If you visualize your dreams with these principles and applications as a guiding tool or reference point -you too could be on your way to Easy Street. Good luck and may you find the millions you are seeking as well!

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