Morris E. Goodman Really is The Miracle Man

Published: 24th May 2007
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Before March 10th 1981 Morris E. Goodman was a man that could fit the definition of quote -"A really lucky guy!" He was wealthy and successful, he had a wife a big house and he had an airplane too! All that was the truth of his life...and until that fateful day rolled around you could say he really had it all! Morris decided to take a pleasure trip on his plane and the end result would change everything and leave him fighting for his life -against all odds of even surviving the night! Goodman used the power of the only thing he had left to fight back with -his mind to make a full recovery in spite of being told he could not walk, talk, or even breath on his own ever again!

During the months that fallowed his plane wreak, Goodman became stronger in his mind -and with each passing day, one by one the injuries he received in that accident were healed -defying any medical explanation because he restored health in areas of the body that were believed to be immune to recovery once taking on the types of injuries Morris had sustained. The interesting thing here is that he was not only fighting the physical impairments he had to battle with that had been left behind after is mid-air disaster -he had to fight the very same doctors who had initially saved his life as well. No matter how much his body repaired itself, they continued to tell him that a full reversal of his injuries was just not possible. He fought back just as hard and he never waivered or gave up hope and continued to insist that he was going to make a complete recovery.

How could he even think of giving up? He had made a vow to himself to literally walk out of the hospital on Christmas Day. Morris knew that if he was healing a body so broken and damaged as his own, he could do anything with sheer will and tenacity alone. How could he believe anything else when his hope and faith in God where all he had to reach out to? He had noting but determination and time on his hands and he was sure he could reach his goal no matter what the odds against him dictated.

Day by day, on and on Morris worked with his Physical Therapist and pushed his body beyond its own limits. He would listen to his favorite motivational speaker -Zig Zigler through out the day and he kept his mind clear of any doubt. He was on a mission and he was not going to fail -that was simply not an option for Morris Goodman. Before he knew it December had arrived and he had regained the full use of his voice. his body was no longer in a state of paralysis but moving and mobile -just as he had predicted it would be -and he was breathing on his own again - all without the help of any type of medical gadget.

As his due date for release came closer he was a brand new instrument inside out and he knew he was going to have his Christmas wish fulfilled. As was the vision -Christmas Day arrived and Morris was met with tears of joy by the hospital members who had given so much of their time and support to see this "Miracle Man" reach his goal of walking out the door by his own accord...and that is exactly what he did on December 25th 1981.He walked forward into an unknown future and left behind him an entire hospital staff watching in utter amazement a man no one believed would survive his injures let alone fully recover from each and everyone of them- helped himself right on out the door!

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